The Event Clerk has the ultimate responsibility for the running of the event from Race Control. All on-track activities are co-coordinated through the Clerk. A cool head and the ability to quickly assess a situation and the appropriate response are keys to being a successful Clerk. They set the tone for the weekend. It is also a job that requires strong management skills, as they ensure all officials are working together. The clerk role is supported by Deputy and Assistant Clerks.


The Stewards are the judges of the event, reviewing incidents and assigning penalties or fines. Stewards use their experience and knowledge of the rulebook to determine the outcome of a hearing.


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Timing and Scoring is responsible for timing the cars on the track and then producing results for distribution to the competitors and officials. The era of stopwatches has been replaced with transponders, computer programs, live timing and remote networking. Timing works closely with Registration to obtain driver and car information and also communicates with Race Control to manage on track activity.


A scrutineer is a qualified technical official who examines racing vehicles pre-race, post-race and after incident repairs have been carried out, for compliance with the rules of competition

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